$LockedBLASTUP Token

We're introducing $LockedBLASTUP, a specialized token on the Blast network.

You can stake in three pools with different durations and rewards, unstake after the staking period ends, claim rewards in LockedBLASTUP, and swap it for BLASTUP tokens on the TGE date. LockedBLASTUP cannot be sold or transferred to another wallet address. They're just too good to share!

Here's what you need to know:

  • Have you ever wondered how you can maximize your profits? We’ve got you covered with LockedBLASTUP, distributed to all BLASTUP buyers in the presale based on your balances as of May 31, 2024.

  • Did you purchase BLASTUP tokens? Awesome! You'll receive 1 LockedBLASTUP for every BLASTUP token. All presale participants have already received their LockedBLASTUP tokens, so make sure to check your wallets!

  • Do you want to amp up your rewards? Stake your LockedBLASTUP for 3, 6, or 12 months and get extra bonuses in Booster Points! And we're also offering a limited promotion with increased APR for first-time participants.

  • Are you ready to make the switch? During the TGE, swap your LockedBLASTUP for BLASTUP

⚡️ The larger the amount and the longer the duration of your staking, the greater the additional reward of Booster Points. Oh, and don't forget, the more Booster Points you rack up, the bigger your slice of the future airdrop.

And hey, staking with us is like hitting the jackpot in the world of crypto—except you can do it more than once! But the double APR won't last long!

LockedBLASTUP Staking:

LockedBLASTUP Staking is just like staking BLASTUP tokens (check out below), but with a twist! We're running a special promotion for early stakers with boosted rewards. Act fast, as this offer won't last long!

  • 3M Pool 1 - Lock-Up 3 months, APR 12%

  • 6M Pool 2 - Lock-Up 6 months, APR 18%

  • 12M Pool 3 - Lock-Up 12 months, APR 24%

Seriously, this deal is too good to miss out on. It's like finding extra money in your pocket—who could resist?

Stake your LockedBLASTUP tokens, earn rewards in LockedBLASTUP, and claim them directly to your wallet.

Do you want to join IDO? Stake a minimum of 2,000 LockedBLASTUP tokens. Remember, if you need to secure a tier in the IDO, consider staking more for guaranteed allocation.

Get ready to stake with LockedBLASTUP and boost your crypto journey!

🔗 app.blastup.io/en/staking

⚡️ Staked tokens are locked for the entire staking period.

BLASTUP Staking:

When the special promotion ends, you can stake BLASTUP under the following conditions. Check out our three staking pools with various options:

  • 3M Pool 1 - lock-up 3 months, APR 6%

  • 6M Pool 2 - lock-up 6 months, APR 9%

  • 12M Pool 3 - lock-up 12 months, APR 12%

Start earning rewards from day one of staking and claim them in BLASTUP tokens.

💡 Already staked in one pool but want to add more tokens? No problem! Your staking period will be extended, starting from the date of your additional tokens.

Stake a minimum of 2,000 BLASTUP tokens to participate in the IDO. Tiers are in play! And remember, more tokens mean more fun!

🔔 All presale participants have already received their LockedBLASTUP tokens, so make sure to check your wallets!

⚡️ The more you stake and the longer you commit, the higher the extra reward in Booster Points. Plus, remember, the more Booster Points you accumulate, the larger your share of the upcoming airdrop.

🔍 So, what do you need to do?

  • Step 1: Check your LockedBLASTUP in your wallet on the Blast network.

  • Step 2: If your wallet does not automatically display LockedBLASTUP tokens, add them manually - here is the token contract address on the Blast network: 0xf8a5d147a3a3416ab151758d969eff15c27ab743

  • Step 3: Open the staking page in the BlastUP app using the link app.blastup.io/en/staking

  • Step 4: Stake your LockedBLASTUP and enjoy enhanced APR and additional rewards in the form of Booster Points!

The Impact of Staking Mechanics on TGE

🔍 We want to address your queries and provide clarity. Let's delve into the details and understand how staking influences unlock on TGE.

Suppose you purchased 1,000 BLASTUP tokens during the presale. On June 21st, you received 1,000 LockedBLASTUP tokens and decided to stake 750 LockedBLASTUP tokens. Now, you have 250 LockedBLASTUP tokens remaining.

How many BLASTUP tokens will you receive at TGE?

The formula is straightforward: unstaked LockedBLASTUP tokens x TGE unlock percentage. In this example, with 250 unstaked LockedBLASTUP tokens, you will receive 62.5 BLASTUP tokens (250x25%).

📌 If you need to secure a PARTICULAR tier in upcoming IDOs, consider staking more for guaranteed allocation.

Learn more about tiers: docs.blastup.io/blastup-docs/products/native-ido/tiers

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