BlastUP Launchpad

The BlastUP team believes in the Blast ecosystem and the creative genius of Pacman and his team. The success of any new ecosystem depends on how well startups attract early-stage investments, mutually benefiting the participants who invest in these startups. However, there are several difficulties that we will address below.

Participant Issues

  • Lack of information about IDO projects Most AMAs and project information tend to favor project owners. IDO investors need to know what is happening behind the scenes.

  • Token price drops below IDO price Many IDO participants face token dumps immediately after the TGE.

  • Difficulty participating in IDO with a small capital Typically, large participants dominate early-stage purchases, depriving others of the opportunity to acquire tokens.

Project Issues

  • Lack of experience Project teams usually can't cover all aspects of the launch, especially at the early stage when there is a challenge with early funding.

  • Token price drops below IDO price Teams struggle with market making, aiming to develop a balanced, long-term token strategy.

  • Marketing and community management Teams struggle to maintain effective communication with the audience during and after the launch.

What We Offer

  • Project Screening BlastUP carefully evaluates all potential projects to ensure that only the highest quality ones are presented to the public. Continuous screening will be conducted in the future.

  • Launchpad Accelerator We help projects prepare documentation and tokenomics to ensure they can raise the necessary funds for development.

  • Community Incentives Program We aim to engage new users in the Blast network and reward those who demonstrate the highest level of activity.

  • Fair Distribution BlastUP token holders are guaranteed a reserved allocation for upcoming IDO projects based on the number of staked BlastUP tokens they own.

  • Passive Income Grow your BlastUP token supply by staking and farming on our staking portal. As a token holder, you can also take advantage of our seed staking feature, which provides you with free tokens from our supported projects.

Our Long-Term Plans

  • Create powerful AI and Web3 tools for the quick and quality launch of startups in the Blast network.

  • Establish a global Community Hub to aggregate the activity of Blast ecosystem participants and support early-stage startups.

For more details on our plans, refer to the Roadmap.

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