BlastUP plans to distribute a portion of $BLASTUP tokens through an Airdrop to support early participants. To provide a seamless experience on airdrop we are using Booster Points as a mechanism to effectively spread $BLASTUP for our community.

The Airdrop will be allocated to:

We plan to conduct three Airdrop seasons: in Q2, Q3, and Q4 of 2024.


The First Season of the airdrop campaign will include 30,000,000 BLASTUP tokens.

To earn Booster points, you will need to complete 5 mandatory tasks and then optional additional tasks.

You can also earn Booster Points by sharing your referral link. As a referral, you will earn 20% of any Booster Points earned by your referrer.


  • The drop will be automatically credited to all Booster Points holders based on the snapshot of Booster Points held.

  • The minimum Booster Points balance must be at least 200 BP.

  • After the drop is credited, Booster Points will be reset to zero, and you will need to earn them again by participating in the Community Incentives Program, staking tokens, or buying tokens on the launchpad.

  • Airdrop participants will receive their tokens 21 days after the TGE, with 20% of tokens unlocked initially, a 3-month cliff, and linear vesting over 9 months.

  • The BlastUP team will strictly monitor the increase of points using bot farms; these points will not be taken into account in the airdrop.

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