Project Onboarding & Applications

BlastUP Project Onboarding Process:

  • Step 1: Apply

  • Step 2: Interview

  • Step 3: Due Diligence

  • Step 4: Preparation

  • Step 5: Pre-IDO Campaign

  • Step 6: Launch

Our Selection Process

We believe in great teams and great products. We are super excited to see projects with amazing communities. While there are many criteria we look at when selecting a project, we are most interested in great minds, teams, and innovation, so all of the boxes below should be checked:

  • Backers (venture capitalists, partners, advisors)

  • Finance (burn rate, capital raised, forecasted revenue)

  • Product (pain point, product-market fit, innovation, DAU, MAU)

  • Economics (revenue model)

  • Tokenomics (structure, vesting schedule, initial circ supply, inflation rate)

  • Marketing (go-to-market strategy, growth strategy)

  • Community (statistics, engagement, regions)

  • Listing plan (DEX, CEX)

  • Liquidity (total liquidity vs selling pressure)

  • Market maker

  • Legal (KYC, AML)

We encourage projects built on Blast to reach out to us for collaboration opportunities. If this is of interest to you, please submit your application here.

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