Community Incentives Program

Our Community Incentives Program is designed to foster the engagement of new users in the Blast network and reward those who demonstrate the highest level of activity.

Every project on the Blast blockchain can apply to distribute its tokens or other rewards to users through the Community Incentives program.

Farm points

The project distributes points to community members who contribute to the project by completing various tasks. Tasks can range from simple actions like subscribing to a channel to more complex activities such as interacting with the product, providing liquidity to the protocol, cross-network transfers, and more.

Shared benefits

The more people join the program and assist the project, the greater the benefits for both the project and its participants.

Starter bonuses

Active members of our community will receive additional bonuses in all our campaigns.

Referral Program

Active members of our community can attract new users using a referral link and earn additional points.

How to become a participant in the program?

To participate in BlastUP Community Incentives:

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