Holders of the BlastUP Token will receive certain allocations for token sales of the projects launched on our platform. By staking your BlastUP token, you can earn interest and obtain exclusive loyalty rewards for participating in IDOs.

BlastUP Token Utilities

  • Access to BlastUP Tiered IDO launches

  • Staking BlastUP to earn rewards

  • BlastUP Token Buy-back mechanism using a percentage of funds raised by projects launching on BlastUP Launchpad

Token Generation Event

Token Generation Event will have place after conclusion of BlastUP Token Presale, approximately in Q2 2024 (if the market conditions will be good).

Token Generation Event Steps and Process

On June 20, 2024 the $BLASTUP token was deployed to the Blast mainnet and pre-minted on the DAO address.

When the TGE date will be finalized the token will be distributed to all the token holders according to Distribution and Vesting Plan.

The immediately unlocking part will be distributed via Multisender smart-contract directly to user's addresses in the Blast network. Vesting part will be distributed via Vesting smart-contract.

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