Booster Points

⚡ Booster Point — is a special token that BlastUP is launching to support all the project's community. As a BlastUP user, believer, or holder you are able to earn, spend, and store Booster Points.

Booster Point is a fuel for our Community Incentivisation Program (CIP) that will be one of the pillars for create a solid support for launching projects and make them succesful.

Booster Points are earning by:

  • Participating in BlastUP Pre-Sale and TGE

  • Rewarding for referral actions

  • Airdropping for BlastUP Community

  • Airdropping for participants of Blast's Airdrop

  • Participation in CIP

  • Other activities on the launchpad and partner's projects

Booster Point has own free rate, not connected directly to $BLASTUP, or any other coin. As a holder of Booster Points you'll be eligible for airdrops from BlastUP, and other projects that's launching on the launchpad.

Participating in Pre-Sale

We are happy to reward all the community that participates in Pre-Sale, and buys token at least on $10 equivalent.

Here is a table that explains how we calculating the reward for Pre-Sale Participants:

Buy for% for Booster Points Reward















For example, if you buying for $250 then the you'll receive $250 х 7% x 100 = ⚡ 1,750 Booster Points

Referral Actions

For pre-sale as a referral you'll be earning 20% of any Booster Point earned token's purchase by your referrer. For example, if your referrer bought tokens for $1000, you'd get $1000 х 8% х 100 x 20% = ⚡ 1600 Booster Points.

Aidrops for BlastUP Community

We are gonna use the addresses that has non-zero Booster Points to do an airdrop of $BLP token, or for airdrops of projects that are launching on the launchpad.

All airdrops will be proportionally spread between all the Booster Points holder.

Blast's Airdrop Participants (Blast Bless)

Booster Point's Reward will be earned by all users who used Blast Bridge to place their ETH and stablecoins on Blast.

The exact calculation will be added later.

Community Incentivisation Program

The participants of CIP will be able to get Booster Points by completing tasks.

The exact calculation will be added later.

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