Native IDO

The smoothest way to get early in Blast Native projects that have solid presence on Blast.

Native IDO is an IDO that has classical flow of purchase tokens of a launching projects based on Tiers system.

To participate user should have staked amount of $BLP tokens that corresponds its Tier.

There are 3 stage of process:

  1. Registration. All the users that have valid Tier have to do regsitration before the first and FCFS stages start.

  2. First stage. The stage where the allocation of tokens based on Tiers of registered users.

  3. FCFS stage. Could be 2 types: available only for Premium Tiers, or available for anyone, even not registered users.

To know more, please check Tiers and Token Distribution Example.

If you are looking for manual for participation, follow Hot to Participate in an IDO on Launchpad article.

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