$BLP Staking

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Staking is the process of participating in the development of the BlastUP launchpad, where a user locks a certain amount of $BLP tokens.

In return for participating in staking, the user receives:

  • Rewards in the form of new $BLP tokens

  • The opportunity to participate in purchasing tokens of projects on the launchpad

$BLP Staking Pools

Users can choose one of three pools with different durations and rewards for staking:

  • 3 months - reward 6% APR

  • 6 months - reward 9% APR

  • 12 months - reward 12% APR

$BLP Tiered IDO Model

The Classical Launchpad consists of two rounds:

  • The first round, or distribution round, is when both Ordinary tiers (1-3: bronze, silver, and gold) and Premium tiers (4-6: titanium, platinum, and diamond) can participate.

  • The second round is when any remaining allocations from the first round are distributed among holders of guaranteed premium tiers (titanium, platinum, and diamond) on a "first-come, first-served" (FCFS) basis.

Fixed level system based on the amount of staked tokens:

BLP Staking Amount

Ordinary tiers

Tier 1: Bronze


Tier 2: Silver


Tier 3: Gold


Premium tiers

Tier 4: Titanium


Tier 5: Platinum


Tier 6: Diamond


Terms and Conditions

  • The minimum amount for staking is 2000 BLP tokens.

  • Funds cannot be withdrawn from staking until the selected pool's duration expires. At the end of the staking period, the user can withdraw their staked funds by clicking on "Withdraw".

  • Withdrawal from staking within 24 hours.

  • Users may not wait until the end of the staking period and deposit additional funds into the pool. However, in this case, the staking period will be extended.

  • The user earns rewards linearly, and they can withdraw a portion of their rewards at any time by clicking on "Claim Reward".

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