IDO Farming

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IDO Farming is a simple, flexible, and secure way to earn on the Blast network.

Simple Earning

You can earn native income on the Blast network by staking ETH and USDB:

  • Yield for ETH is 3.15%.

  • Yield for USDB is 8%.

Yield rates are subject to change, for current data visit Blast's official website:

Plus, you'll earn Booster Points every day!

Flexible Yield Management

  • Withdraw your yield to your wallet.

  • Accumulate yield to purchase project tokens on the launchpad without registration - it's easy and simple!


The IDO Farming smart contract audited by Hacken.

How It Works

Blast yield comes from ETH staking and RWA protocols.

Income scheme: ETH (Ethereum) -> stETH (Ethereum: Lido) -> ETH (Bridge: Blast) -> ETH Yield Reward (Blast)

Income scheme: USDT or USDC (Ethereum) -> DAI (Ethereum: MakerDAO) -> sDAI (Ethereum: Spark) -> USDB (Bridge: Blast) -> USDB Yield Reward (Blast)

The income from these decentralized protocols is automatically passed back to Blast users.

How To Stake
  • Select "Connect Wallet".

  • Connect your wallet using the Blast network.

  • Choose either ETH, WETH, or USDB from the selector.

  • Specify the desired amount for staking. Ensure you have enough ETH for gas fees.

  • Click "Stake".

  • Approve the transaction in your wallet.

  • Check your staking on the link:

How To Unstake
How To Claim Reward
How To Buy Tokens

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How To Earn Booster Points
  • In addition to BlastUP's native yield, Booster Points are awarded to Yield Staking Users.

  • The accumulation of Booster Points depends on the staked amount.

  • Booster Points are credited daily to incentivize users to stake WETH/USDB for the long term.

Booster Points Calculation Methodology

  • Let's say a user stakes $100 (equivalent in WETH/USDB).

  • Each day, the user will receive 1 Booster Point, totaling 365 Booster Points in a year.

  • $1000 -> 3650 BP per Year, $10000 -> 36500 BP per Year, $100000 -> 365000 BP per Year

Booster Points are always rounded up.

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