Staking is the process of participating in the development of the BlastUP launchpad, where a user locks a certain amount of BLASTUP/LockedBLASTUP tokens.

In return for participating in staking, the user receives:

  • Rewards in the form of new BLASTUP/LockedBLASTUP tokens

  • Rewards in the form of Booster Points

  • The opportunity to participate in purchasing tokens of projects on the launchpad

LockedBLASTUP Staking Pools

A promotion is active - increased rewards for early stakers until TGE moment.

Users can choose one of three pools with different durations and rewards for staking:

  • 3 months - reward 12% APR

  • 6 months - reward 18% APR

  • 12 months - reward 24% APR

BLASTUP Staking Pools

Users can choose one of three pools with different durations and rewards for staking:

  • 3 months - reward 6% APR

  • 6 months - reward 9% APR

  • 12 months - reward 12% APR

BLASTUP Tiered IDO Model

The Classical Launchpad consists of two rounds:

  • The first round, or distribution round, is when both Basic tiers (1-3: bronze, silver, and gold) and Premium tiers (4-6: titanium, platinum, and diamond) can participate.

  • The second round is when any remaining allocations from the first round are distributed among holders of guaranteed premium tiers (titanium, platinum, and diamond) on a "first-come, first-served" (FCFS) basis.

Fixed level system based on the amount of staked tokens:

BLASTUP Staking Amount

Basic tiers

Tier 1: Bronze


Tier 2: Silver


Tier 3: Gold


Premium tiers

Tier 4: Titanium


Tier 5: Platinum


Tier 6: Diamond


Terms and Conditions

  • The minimum amount for staking is 2000 BLASTUP tokens.

  • Funds cannot be withdrawn from staking until the selected pool's duration expires. At the end of the staking period, the user can withdraw their staked funds by clicking on "Unstake".

  • Users may not wait until the end of the staking period and deposit additional funds into the pool. However, in this case, the staking period will be extended.

  • The user earns rewards linearly, and they can withdraw a portion of their rewards at any time by clicking on "Claim Reward".

How to Stake

Step 1: Ensure your Blast network wallet has ETH (for gas). If you don't have ETH on the Blast network, use the bridge

Step 2: Visit the BlastUP App:

Step 3: Select "Connect Wallet".

Step 4: Connect your wallet using the Blast network.

Step 5: There are a total of three staking pools available: 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. Choose the pool that suits you.

Step 6: Enter the amount of BLASTUP tokens for staking. Remember, ETH is needed for gas fees.

Step 7: Click "Approve".

Step 8: A prompt will ask for approval on the BlastUP website. Approve the necessary BLASTUP amount. Confirm the approve transaction in your wallet. After you approve in your wallet, you will have the option to stake.

Step 9: Click "Stake".

Step 10: Confirm the stake transaction in your wallet.

Step 11: Check the status of your staking on the Stake tab (you will see the status "Staked" and the staked amount) or on the Unstake tab (here you can Claim Rewards or Unstake when the staking period ends).

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