BLASTUP Staking and IDO Farming

With combining Blast Native features and BlastUP launchpad features we provide for our community the most beneficial way to participate in successful launches on Blast Network. As a BlastUP member you are able to manage your IDO's funds allocation in more effective and less-risky way.

BlastUP is doubling (or even more) your potential gain by distributing yield in different actives: $BLASTUP, Booster Points, Blast Gold, and token's projects.

How Stake & Earn works

Simple as it is.

  1. Stake $BLASTUP, ETH, WETH, or USDB. Users can stake their assets on Stake & Earn. This involves locking of the assets for a specific period to earn yield.

  2. Choose the assets to yield. Users can choose what tokens they want to recieve as yield on the daily-bases. They choosing pools of the projects that they like, or enabling auto-subscribe feature to not loss every launch on BlastUP Launchpad.

  3. User's getting what they should get. Blast Ecosystem is sharing Blast Gold with the projects on monthly basis. We are happy to spread this valued tokens to our community. With every stake that users make they receive some Gold.

  4. More and more benefits. Depending on project's campaign on BlastUP Launchpad users of Stake & Earn program are eligible for get an extra discount for project's launches, or custom benefits.

Why Stake & Earn

  1. Optimizing your portfolio. It's easy to achieve more productive investment strategy with all the benefits of diversification without any risk.

  2. Best way to participate in IDO's. Unique offers from projects list on BlastUP.

  3. No hassle and attention. Use auto-features to receive as more tokens as possible. And get Blast Gold every time.

  4. Open and safe. All the staking functions are managed by audited smart-contract.

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